Best Filters & Filter Media: Intex PureSpa Type S1 Easy Set Pool Filter Cartridges (12 Filters) | 29001E

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Keep your spa water clean and Intex PureSpa performing at its best by using genuine Intex PureSpa Type S1 Pool Filter Cartridges. This is the authentic replacement cartridge for your Intex PureSpa. It works with all Intex PureSpas models including 28403E, 28407E, 28443E, 28453E, 28421E, 28423E, 28413E, and 28453E. Replace your filter cartridges regularly for the best results. It is recommended that you replace cartridges every 2 weeks to maximize your spa's performance. Help ensure the longevity of your Intex PureSpa by regularly choosing Intex PureSpa Type S1 Pool Filter Cartridges.

User reviews

Great price! We got an Intex spa in June and bought 6 filters when we bought it. Since we don't use it frequently, we didn't have to change the filters that often, but when we got down to the last filter, I knew we had to get more. I was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive they were. They are identical to the filters we bought locally, and fit perfectly. Received on time and no issues at all.
Giving these high marks mostly because I love my Intex Spa so much and they help keep it going. And they are a great value given that these filters run about $8-10 for one pair at BigLots or KMart. We use our tub pretty much every day and a pair of filters will last 2-3 weeks. So ~$25 to keep our spa clean, clear and running smooth for 6+ months is a great value.Order yourself a set of these and keep the good times rolling.
Getting 12 of the filters that I need for my hot tub is great. I can change the filters out once every two weeks or sooner depending on how bad they are. They get checked weekly. Getting 12 at one time is great because I can order more a few before I run out and not have to worry about shutting down my hot tub because I'm having to wait for filters
We have an Intex home spa and these fit perfectly. They are much cheaper to purchase on Amazon than to purchase at Walmart or a pool supply store. They need replacing fairly often with this kind of spa so it is a good idea to just purchase the 12 pack and have them on hand.
Best price anywhere! We have an Intex inflatable spa and we have to replace the filters every 2 weeks when we are using it almost every night. I went and got 2 more cases after this purchase. I love that I can get these cheaper and no shipping cost!
I bought these for my inflatable Intex hot tub. They fit just fine and are good quality. I'll probably be buying more soon because they aren't made to last long and do not work well with chemicals. However, that is just a complaint about the product in general because all the filters for the hot tub have the same quality and longevity.
12 pack was best per price and by washing top rack of dishwasher no heat. Let air dry and replace next change out. Reuse until damaged. This 12 pack should last at least 1 year.

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