Best Filters & Filter Media: Intex Filter Cartridge Type A (59900E) – Replacement Type A and C For Easy Set Pool Filters – 12 Pack

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Made from easy to clean Dacron filter material, Intex replacement cartridges are easy to clean and maintain. For best results, replace cartridge every two weeks. 4 1/2in. OD x 8 1/4in. Long x 2in. ID. Works with 530gph, 1,000gph, and 1,500gph Filter Pumps. 12 pack of cartridges.

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I received my Intex Filter Cartridge Type A just as scheduled/planned and promised. I received my filters which was a package of 12 in two 6 pack boxes that were shipped taped together. Each filter cartridge is individually wrapped in plastic for protection and has the product information on them. I have been using these filters for years now and will not use any other type/brand. This filter is made nicely and the filter material is firm and flimsy. In the past i have tried different brands and the filter themselves is soft and flimsy and does not last long. I was out of my filters and had to use one that was in my garage. This filters hole was too large and it was floating around in the skimmer causing my basket to lock up the skimmer door and therefore no water was getting to my pump. So once again i will never use any other brand than the Intex. I would recommend this filter to anyone who has a pool/spa that requires this filter cartridge.I received this product at a discounted price to provide an unbiased review.
I've used this brand for a couple of years now on my 18 foot Intex pool, and they work great. I don't know where the reviewer is coming from that calls them a scam - maybe he works for Intex. At this price, I don't need to try to wash them out anyway, I just put in a new one. I use the filter with a top skimmer for a week or two, until the output from the pump slows a bit. Our pool is under a large elm tree, so it depends on the time of year how long they last.After the output slows down, I install a long vacuum tube on the intake and go for a lazy swim with my snorkel and vacuum the bottom. The fine debris finished the useful life of the filter, and I replace it with a new one.Really, at such a great price they are a bargain. When they are slowing down the pump because of debris, just replace them with new one. I't better for the pump in the long run, much easier, and allows more time to enjoy the pool!
Our above ground pool takes these filters, that catch debris that is skimmed off the top of the pool. They actually have the capacity to hold a lot of gunk. Our back-yard neighbors have a giant sycamore tree, that constantly is dumping it's seeds into our pool every time the wind blows, which here in the dessert is quite often. This filter is pretty efficient at holding all that garbage, but of course fills faster and need to be changed more often. They filter is incredibly easy to install and dispose of.Our pool is 4ft high and 15 feet wide, and in the height of summer we can go two weeks between needing to replace this cartridge.As long as we have our pool I will continue to purchase this product.
I got to say this is a awesome deal.We have tried alot of filter and these seem to last the longest.They seem to catch all the nasty stuff and help keep our pool clean.They fit perfect for our 17 x 48 above ground pool.We change our filter every week some times every 5 days just depending on how man swim or if it wasnt covered. This deals saves us tons of money and pretty much last us the whole season.Over all i as very happy with the filters.
They are pool filters. What's there to say about them? They appear to be genuine Intex but if they are counterfeit I wouldn't know. Most interesting is that they arrived way ahead of expected delivery on a Sunday by a guy driving an unmarked car. Conspiracy! Well... the only conspiracy is that by August the stores think that summer is over and they clear out the pool supplies and put in Halloween stuff.Thank the flying spaghetti monster for the Internet! The kids would be swimming in green slime without it!!
The price was right. I just changed the first filter a bit ago. It was pretty gunky, partly because I put the pool up 3 weeks ago & just changed the filter. Whoops! I was really worried as to how in the world I was going to change the filter without all the water from the pool gushing out of it when I opened the top. I found a link online saying to hold the filter up higher than the pool to change it. So I balanced the filter on the side of the pool & the filter was pretty much completely empty of water. Yay! I took the old filter out, put the new filter in, put the top back on, & opened the top valve. Water wasn't coming out of it so I tipped the filter over a little & it filled back up with water just fine. I then plugged it back it & let it get to work. Thanks for reading & I hope my review helps!
Incredible value! Filters lasted all summer! These Intex Filters were great. I actually used them for my 18ft Coleman pool and they were perfect fits due to it being an A and C filter. They captured so much junk from the pool, that it made my cleaning a lot less often. Buy this multi pack, our hardware store was charging $7.00 per filter (ouch!)

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