Best Filters & Filter Media: Hayward SP0714T VariFlo Top-Mount Control Value, Black

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The Hayward seven-position valve features an easy-to-use lever action handle that lets you dial up to seven filter functions: filter, backwash, waste, rinse, closed, winter or recirculate. Complete with an integral sight glass that lets you see when the backwashing cycle is completed. Automatic self-cleaning design prevents clogging or sticking. Top mount filter valves requires existing flange clamp for installation.

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This SP0714T valve assembly here is a direct replacement for Hayward sand filters. Perfect fit at a great price from Amazon. Prime shipping got it here in a hurry, and this was super simple to install myself saving a load off of having to buy valve locally and have someone put it on. Took me about twenty minutes to remove old one and put this one on including the three 1.5 inch pac lines. The action of the valve is very smooth compared to the one I removed.I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to get a quality valve for less than local.
I opened my pool this summer to find my SP0710 multiport valve cracked and rusted. After contacting the local pool place to find that they wanted $150 for a replacement that they couldn't have to me for another 2 weeks I did a bit of research. Turns out this is the manufacturer replacement for the SP0710 and SP0711 and on Amazon it is half the price AND in stock!The replacement is extremely simple. All that is needed is to remove the threaded pvc hubs from the old valve (or buy new replacements) and thread them in to the new valve (with a bit of teflon tape). Then simply drop on to the filter and attach the hoses. A conservative 20 minute job.NOTE: The replacement does not come with a new flange clamp to connect the valve to the filter base. If yours is worn, be sure to pick up a new one (roughly $20-30). There are a few different varieties, but mine is the 2-screw model (part number 55-GMX600NM) which works well with this valve.
My sand filter is nearly 15 years old. The Vari-flo valve at the top began to leak / squirt water. I checked with two businesses in town and the price was 50% higher that this one which was basically what they were going to sell me. Waited a few days (shipping / store would have to have ordered it anyway) and put it on. Came with instructions that were very clear (pay attention to the cautions about over-tightening etc...). While I was at it, I changed the sand out also. If you want to save a some money, and if you are moderately good with tools (you don't have to be a mechanic) this will work very well. The most helpful thing I did was to go to Youtube and watch several videos on how to install sand filter valves before the item arrived. You should do this also. Since I bought it, it was worked perfectly. No leaks or issues and my pool is beautiful. If I had to do it again, I would in a heartbeat.
It is a perfect fit, matching the one that I installed when the pool was new in 2003. Amazon's price was the lowest, even taking into account shipping cost. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised that I ordered it right before the Memorial Day weekend, and it actually arrived that Monday, i.e., the official national holiday. Can't get better than that. (Incidentally, the only reason I needed a new one was because I was trying to disassemble it for lubrication of the O-rings.......................Although I was successful one other time, this time I took a shortcut, that didn't turn out right, and ended up cracking it. Despite what you might be told, they indeed can be disassembled for lubrication or other repairs.............just be careful to compress the tensioning spring evenly, which is where I made my mistake the second time around.)
I needed to replace my aging SP0711. The offset ports on this SP714T model made me hesitate purchasing this model for a while. They were not the same as the old SP0711 model which had ports one right over the other. I didn't want to have to make new pvc pipes to custom fit. But after I made exhaustive research on Haywards web site I determined this is the right model for the job. It's amazing how important, detailed information is next to impossible to find on various store websites and even the manufactures site. Even the manual will leave out simple but important info. It turns out that the "RETURN" port is in the same place as the older SP0711/12 model but it's the "PUMP" port that they offset. That's good and not a problem because most people use a flex pipe from the pump so it allows some leeway. It installed fine on my Hayward S210T sand tank. The SP0714T has three, 1 ½ inch, threaded ports (Return, Pump, and Backwash/Waste) and installs on a sand tank using bolt-on brackets. It is supposed to come with a pressure gauge, a sight glass and gasket, and o-ring for the bottom of the multi-valve where it installs to the sand tank. It does not come with the bolt-on brackets they must be purchased separately.My package did NOT include the sight glass. I didn't use the new pressure gauge because it was cross treading when I tried to screw it in, I don't know why. I used my old one and so far it's not leaking and working I hope.When installing this valve to the tank I use a rubber mallet intermittently as I tighten the brackets. For the first time in a long time I have no leaks coming from the brackets area. We all know water finds a way to leak so I will update this review later if it's a fault of the valve. Right now I'm finding this a good value buy and I'm happy with it. Like I said I've only just installed it and have used it only to filter, not to backwash, rinse, et cetera. Tomorrow may be a different story and I'll update if need be. If this item came with all the parts I'd have gone maybe 5 stars because it's truly much cheaper here than any local source and it is working just fine. *Okay, now the update as of 5/27/2013. It is working fine and has no leaks at all! I have had the pool open for 2 weeks now and all is well with this valve. Like I said above, tighten the clamps then lightly pound around the clamp with the rubber mallet to "convince" it to get more snug, and tighten as needed more, pound, tighten. Not a drop is leaking.
Our sand filter’s valve system has been very tough to change settings since we inherited it from a friend that was removing their pool. This replacement was a direct fit/match for ours (even though SOME numbers were a bit different). We replaced it and it’s been running perfectly ever since.

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