Best Filters & Filter Media: Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter D.E. 25 LBS.

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Dive into crystal clear water each and every time you swim with the superior strength and effectiveness of Diatomaceous Earth swimming pool filter powder. This High-Grade DE filter powder can filter down to 3-5 Microns in size and leaves water sparkling and crystal clear without clumping. This DE powder is porous, all-natural and created from the fossilized exoskeletons of plants known as diatoms. It delivers an astounding level of filtration and ensures efficiency so your filter will always operate at its peak level. This value-priced DE powder not only leaves water shimmering and sparkling with clean, pure beauty, but it will also reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your pool and save you money on pool supplies. Recommended Amounts: 4 pounds for Above-Ground DE Filters and 8 pounds for In-Ground DE Filters.

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Purchased for my son in law for his sand filter to give it an extra boost just add 1 lb into skimmer after each backwash .. Worked fantastic he was amazed how much better the filtration was and the pool has never been more clear .
Works good for pool filtering
This brand seems to clean the water in the pool very nicely. The price was good and I didn't have to go to the over priced local pool store and lug it home.
This is a good deal the correct product and I am using it now. So do not delay go buy one or two. Save the gas.
this is better for pools than the stuff you can buy at walmart or home depot
Great value for the price! Delivered to your doorstep! Highly recommend!
Good price and fast delivery, Very consistent good quality.

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