Best Filters & Filter Media: Bestway Spa Filter Pump Replacement Cartridge Type VI

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#####Buy together and save - six pairs of Bestway Type VI spa filter cartridges (twelve cartridges)! Bestway Lay-Z Spa Replacement Cartridges Give your Bestway Lay-Z Spa its best performance by using these genuine Lay-Z Spa Filter Cartridges Type - VI. Filter the water in your spa to keep it attractive and refreshing all season, it is recommended to change the filter regularly. Replacement cartridge also compatible with the following Coleman brand inflatable spas: - Vegas, Miami, and Monaco Lay-Z Spas

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These came well-packed, and worked perfectly in my Bestway Lay-Z-Spa. I am happy to say that they will hold up in the dishwasher for several washings (on the top rack), which will significantly cut down on operational costs of your Lay-Z-Spa.
Exact replacement and they fit perfect in my Coleman Lazy Spa. Last year after reading some reviews some people said the Intex cartridges would also fit but they are not exact and create some stress on the plastic housing. It doesn't break them but I am sure it would eventually compromise the plastic and then they would break prematurely. The reason I bought those was due to price but the price point on these have been lowered and are now comparable, maybe even a little less expensive. I clean these with a hose every other day and I empty the water and replace the cartridges once a month so these will last me two summers since I only keep my tub up outside during June, July, August. Too cold in the other months.If you are wondering Bestway makes the Coleman Lazy Spa, says so in writing, on the spa cover.
I bought these to use with the Coleman inflatable spa. They worked as intended and are pretty easy to clean. I would rinse/wash them off at least every week. Remember, you need two for the spa, so the best buy is the bulk option.
These work very well. I run them in my Coleman Lay-Z-Spa and change them about every four days. However, I don't throw them away. I put them in the dishwasher and they come out looking new and I use them again. I have been alternating two sets of the cartridges this way since they arrived and it works very well.
We got these for our Coleman Lay-Z Spa, an inflatable hot tub. We really like them, and have even been able to clean and re-use them by running them through the dishwasher as a batch. They hold up really well. They are also easy to remove and replace. Filters were an expense I had not anticipated when we bought the very affordable hot tub, but because these are so sturdy, we have been able to minimize the expense.
They work well and are pretty easy to clean. I use a garden hose with a sprayer nozzle to jet water through the center outward, then spray the fins from the outside as I slowly rotate the filter.
Just as described. I tried using an off-brand filter but they didn't fit as well and dind't work as good as the original. These work great!

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