Best Filters & Filter Media: 5 Guardian Pool Spa Filter Replaces Watkins Hot Springs C6430 Unicel C-6430 PLEATCO PWK30 FC-3915

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Gaurdian Filtration Filter!!! Also replaces the following filters: Watkins 30 / Hot Springs - OEM Part # 31489 / 71825 / 71826 / 75041 / 73178 / Tri-X / 0969601 / APCC7095 / 13004 / APCC7095M Unicel - C-6430 (C6430) Filbur - FC-3915 (FC3915) Pleatco - PWK-30 (PWK30) Pool/Spa

User reviews

Perfect for my Hot Spring spa! When I purchased the Hot Spring Vanguard spa 2 years ago I was surprised that it took 5 filter cartridges, previous spas have taken only 2 or 3. I was thrilled to find a 5 filter pack for sale, and even more delighted when they arrived. These filters are paper, and they wear out over time. I generally have 2 sets on hand, and I switch them out every 3-4 months when I change the water in the spa. I buy a new set of filters every year, and toss out the oldest set. It was very convenient to unpack the new filters, and as I replaced each one I put the worn out filter in the shipping box. This made garbage day easier, as I did not have to fill my trash can with filters, I just set the shipping box of old filters at the curb and they picked up. These filters will be a regular purchase until the end of time!
These are the way to go for your hot tub. We've owned a hot tub for over 10 years and have always purchased products from the tub dealer. Big mistake not only for the filters, but the products to put in the hot tub as well. We put bleach in our hot tub and nothing else. The filters were really pricey from the hot tub dealer and these work absolutely excellent! We will continue to buy our filters here. A little factoid that my husband noticed a week or so ago is this. If you clean the filters weekly ROTATE the filters so each one of them gets used equally. For those of you whom already knew this wish we did.
Great price. Spa store charges 2x the price
Excellent a definite buy, if you need these...........perfect fit so far so good.
Equal in fit and performance to the (overpriced) Hot Springs filters.
Same filters as the Hot Spring store at a fraction of the price.
They sent the wrong item! By the time I noticed it -- wanted to clean the tub and it took a while to get this completed, the time to return was past. Seriously disappointed.Also, the quality of the filters is not what I expected. Even if I could have used these, I wouldn't have. They are not the quality I'm used. I normally buy at a pool store nearby. I thought I'd save myself some time and money. Bad choice for me.

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