Best Cold Weather Climate Hot Tub Options

  • By: Adam
  • Date: June 26, 2022
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People come over and we watch things like ‘The Paul Lynde Halloween Special’. I have a hot tub, everybody puts on their bathing suits and we splash around – Paget Brewster 

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than heading home and leaving the working world behind by sliding into a hot tub.

Sitting there, relaxing, and letting the warm water and soothing massage jets ease your cares and worries away is a little taste of a home-based paradise. 

It’s a singular experience, a unique way to wash the day away, and almost everyone who finds themselves in one is converted to the hot tub lifestyle and becomes an instant believer in unwinding the spa way.  

Hot tubs are, for those of us who have been initiated into the way of the spa, the gateway to nirvana.

But a common misconception about hot tubs is that they’re only suited to those places where the sun shines all day and every day.

Hot tubs are a normal part of Scandanavian life and it doesn’t get much colder than Winter in Sweden and Norway, and if tubs can thrive there, they can prosper anywhere, so no matter how cold it is where you live, there’s a hot tub out there for you.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best hot tubs for cold climates so that you can join the ever-growing legion of worldwide hot tub devotees despite the fact that mercury in your yard thermometer rarely crawls past zero.

It’s time to turn up the heat and lose yourself in a maelstrom of relaxing bubbles…

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Top 5 Best Hot Tubs For Cold Climates


Bestway SaluSpa Helsinki Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub

For more than a quarter of a century, Bestway has been driven by a simple vision; to create fun and lasting experiences for everyone around the world with the products they make and the services they provide. 

And thanks to adhering to the guiding principle of that vision, they’ve improved the lives of people everywhere.

The Bestway Helsinki Air Jet has been designed to resemble the hot tubs that it was fashioned after and when inflated, its wood print finish makes it nearly indistinguishable from a solid wood Scandinavian tub.

Easy to inflate, just plug its pump in, attach it to the tub, press go, and in minutes, the Helsinki will be ready for you to fill it with water.

Able to reach a temperature of around one hundred and eight degrees Fahrenheit, the Helsinki can be programmed to maintain a constant temperature for up to seventy-two hours, and it’s eighty-one air jets can be managed from inside of the tub thanks to its simple to use digital control panel that also makes it easy to raise and lower the temperature of the tub as, and when you want to.

Fashioned from puncture-resistant tri-tech material, the Helsinki is durable, tough, and built to last, and thanks to its I-beam wall construction, is hardy enough to maintain its structure and integrity even when someone decides to perch themselves on its edge.

Engineered to take a leaf out of its Scandinavian forbear’s book, it’s a tub that’s made to thrive and survive in any environment.


  • Made to hold around three gallons of water which it’ll heat up to a temperature of, and happily maintain the tub at, one hundred and eight degrees Fahrenheit the Helsinki has more than enough room for four adults to relax comfortably in. And if you want to let your children loose on it, you might just be able to squeeze five of them into it. 
  • Made from tri-tech rubber, it’ll take all the beatings that your family will hand out and stand firm against the worst of Mother Nature’s weather-based punishment. Whatever the weather, the Helsinki will always be ready to go. 
  • Easy to set up and even simpler to disassemble, you just attached the pump, plug it in and fill it with air and water. And when you want to take it down, just remove the drain plugs, let the water flow out, fold it and store it until you want to use it again. 
  • Eight-one air jets (which means a lot of bubbles) and one hundred and eight degrees of incredibly relaxing hot water?  That sounds like bliss to us.


  • While Bestway says that it’s a fully portable tub and is easy to move around with the attached handles, when it’s full, it weighs just under two and a half thousand pounds. So when you set it up, make sure that wherever you place it, that’s where you want it to stay. And even when it’s empty, the Helsinki weighs close to ninety pounds, which means that it isn’t exactly light and isn’t as straightforward and simple to move as Bestway would have you believe.


MSpa Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

MSpa believes that life is all about enjoying the moment.

That’s probably why they’ve become one of the globally recognized manufacturers of portable and inflatable spas.

And out of the twenty different tubs that they make, the leading light and head of the MSpa pack is the Alpine. 

With one hundred and thirty-two fully controllable jets to make more bubbles than you ever dared to dream possible and capable of heating the more than two hundred and fifty gallons of water that it will hold to a maximum temperature of one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit, the Alpine will help you to embrace the previously elusive idea of total relaxation.

Built from rhino-tech, six-layer reinforced PVC that’s lined with a silver metallic coating, the Alpine has been engineered to provide luxury in even the coldest of climates and will keep making all of the bubbles and heat that you’ll want it to no matter how low the outside temperature falls.

The Alpine is easy to set up and control and has been designed with comfort in mind which is why it uses MSpa’s patented Whisper Technology.

Even if the jets are turned up to full and you’re surrounded by a raging torrent of bubbles, the Alpine will be quiet enough for you to fully immerse, and lose yourself in.


  • Thanks to MSpa’s Whisper Technology, the Alpine is a quiet space that you can fully relax, and leave the rest of the world behind in. 

  • Its solid six-layer rhino tech construction means that it’s able to withstand the most unforgiving of climates and environments. And regardless of where it’s located the Alpine’s one hundred and thirty-two jets will continue to pump out enough bubbles to carry you away on clouds of happiness and euphoria

  • It’s a plug and play hot tub. Just plug the pump in, attach it to the tub, press go and you’ll be ready to start filling your tub with water and making heat and bubbles.


  • Even though MSpa says that it’s a six-person tub realistically it’ll allow four adults to relax comfortably. If you try to squeeze more than four of your nearest and dearest into the Alpine, things might start to feel a little weird and awkward.

  • MSpa’s customer service department is notoriously difficult to get in touch with and if you do manage to contact them,  they are either incredibly helpful or arduous and challenging to work with. If your Alpine does develop a problem, you might end up facing an uphill struggle to get it fixed.


INTEX 28433EP PureSpa 

Everything that Intex does is centered around making life easier for you so that you can make more time to enjoy everything that they do with your loved ones.

Intex is the hot tub brand that puts the family at the core of their business.

This four-person Intex 28433EP Purespa Bubble Deluxe Spa, holds two hundred and ten-gallons and has a thirty-five-degree temperature range, so you can luxuriate in comfort anywhere between sixty-eight and one hundred and four degrees in Intex’s all year round tub.

And while you’re sitting back and enjoying the heat, it’ll pummel your muscles and joints into a state of ultimate bliss and relaxation with its one hundred and twenty high power bubble jets, which can be directed from it’s easy to use digital control panel.

The PureSpa’s FibreTech construction and three-ply, laminated shell make it nearly indestructible and able to face whatever the world, your family, and the weather can throw at it.

And it also has a super-secret weapon, as it’s built-in hard water treatment means that your time in the tub will be softer and gentler on your skin, and ultimately even more relaxing than it would be without it.

If you want to take a first-class trip to Happiness Central, the only way to do it is in the Intex PureSpa. 




  • A tried and tested plug and play Hot Tub, the PureSpa is easy to set up and simple to fill up and control. It’s a two hundred gallon ticket to the hidden city of relaxation.

  • And when you’ve finished visiting and sightseeing in the hidden city, just pull the drain plug, let the PureSpa empty, fold it up, and store it until you’re ready to use it again. 

  • When Intex says it’ll comfortably hold four people, they mean it. It really will provide all the comfort and relaxation that four, fully grown adults deserve, and need, it too.  


  • A minority of dissatisfied, would-be hot tubbers have complained about durability issues and mechanical failures, which should be enough to make anyone tread warily when looking to purchase a tub. That said, we’ve never had an issue with our tub, so it might be down to the luck of the hot tub draw.


Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii

There isn’t an outdoorsman or individual devoted to the outdoor life who hasn’t, at some point, put their faith in a Coleman product.

They’re the outdoor specialists who have made their name by making life outside as comfortable as it is inside.

Coleman’s SaluSpa Hawaii, which has been named in honor of the ultimate vacation destination, holds around two hundred gallons of water which it can heat to, and maintain at, temperatures of between forty and one hundred four degrees.

And when it gets you to the pinnacle of the heat mountain that you want it to carry you up, it’ll massage your weary muscles and bones to the point of ecstasy with its one hundred and fourteen bubble jets, all of which will be at your command with its straightforward digital control panel. 

Made from durable and incredibly strong three-ply TriTech PVC and supplied with an easy to fasten cover, the Hawaii has been designed to add a lot of affordable Aloha into your daily life, regardless of what the weather is like outside of its padded walls. 

It’s the closest you can get to living on an island paradise without having to hop on an airplane. 


  • Made from three play TriTech PVC, the Hawaii is hardy enough to cope with the most rambunctious of teenagers and meanest of environments and weather conditions. No matter where you are in the world, the Hawaii has been built to bring a little happiness into your life. 
  • With a sixty-four-degree temperature range and one hundred and fourteen bibble jets, it’ll take you on a non-stop voyage to Utopia.
  • It’s a plug and play Hot Tub. Just plug it in, follow the simple instructions, and you, and your tub will be ready to play. 
  • The Hawaii comes with a three-month standard warranty and a one-year pump warranty. Both of which should be more than enough to let you begin enjoying the hot tub life with a little worry-free peace of mind.


  • Again, it seems to be beset by the same mechanical and manufacturing woes that a lot of hot tubs are and it would appear that like a lot of tubs, whether or not you get a good or a bad one, is entirely down to luck. 


CosySpa Inflatable Hot Tub

It may say CosySpa inflatable hot tub spa on the packaging, but this hot tub is actually made by Net World Sports a leading sports equipment manufacturer.

Which when you think about it, makes sense in a roundabout sort of way, as this tub provides a perfect way for athletes to relax after they’ve given their all on the track and the field.

And just because you’re not a sportsman, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the same sort of comfort that athletes have on hand.

Built from a combination of hard-wearing PVC and aluminum foil, this two hundred and ten-gallon hot tub can comfortably seat up to six adults and it’s one hundred and thirty bubble jets will help to guide you toward a state of delirious nirvana as it reaches a temperature of up to one hundred and eight degrees.

Controlled by an easy to use, and simple to understand LED display panel, the CosySpa has been engineered to cope with and satiate the demands of the most physical athletes and will supply all of the bubble soaked, heat-filled relaxation you’ll need.




  • It’s hardy and durable thanks to its aluminum and PVC construction and with one hundred and thirty-two bubble jets and a maximum temperature of around one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, which will gently lull you into an enchanted state of relaxation. 
  • It’s another plug and play hot tub that’s been made to be easy to set up, and take down, and is even simpler to use.


  • It’s the same old story that plagues every all-weather hot tub; manufacturing issues. The CoySpa’s seem to be focused on its heating element and pump, both of which have left a couple of hot tub fans regretting the day they went the CosySpa way. 

Best Hot Tubs For Cold Climates Buying Guide

Which Cold Climate Friendly Hot Tub Is Right For Me?

As almost all of the hot tubs on our list, all of which are designed to work as efficiently and effectively in a cold climate as they are in a warmer one, fall within a similar budget and are roughly on par with each other in terms of functionality, the choice is entirely up to you. 

However, if you were to ask us which hot tub we’d recommend, there’s only one that we’d ever point you in the direction of. And that’s the PureSpa. As we said earlier, we’re Intex people. We always have been, and we always will be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Hot Tub?

A hot tub is a large man-made tub or small pool primarily used for hydrotherapy, pleasure, and relaxation.

The water in the tub is heated to a level that the user enjoys and in combination with a number of air or bubble jets, makes bubbles that are used to soothe and relax anyone in the tub.

While traditional hot tubs were always fixed in place and popular in gyms and sports clubs, more modern hot tubs are inflatable and have been designed to be portable and more convenient for their user. 

The widespread availability of portable hot tubs, most of which have been engineered to cope with almost any climate, has led to them becoming more and more popular within mainstream society.