Best Black Shower Doors for Your New Bathroom

When you do your next bathroom remodel project you might want to consider a black shower door.  Everyone knows that a shower serves multiple purposes. It refreshes you after a tiring day and gives you a much-needed kick in the morning. However, there is more to a soothing shower experience than a shower head with multi-spray abilities.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “a little color goes a long way?” To add on to this statement yes, colors do a long way. Especially when it is black hue we are talking about. Let’s take a look at the best black shower doors for your new bathroom.



Things to Consider When Choosing A Black Shower Door

The trend of glass shower doors with black frames have been gaining steam for quite some time now. They are more or less a chic and aesthetic alternative for chrome-edged or frameless enclosures. Even though most of us prefer to add a touch of black somewhere in our homes, there are several things to consider when choosing black shower doors.

  1. Ensuring it complements the theme of your bathroom and home

Though black can give your home a look that screams elegance and chicness, it can often foreshadow the general theme of a home and thus, a bathroom. A welcoming and cozy home may come off as harsh, masculine and heavy. If the interior of your home has a vintage look, a contemporary black shower door may appear to be out of place.

  1. Choosing the hardware wisely

Tiles, shower door, and the towel rack are all integral components of your bathroom. If you are planning to install a black shower door, you would prefer to choose the tiles of a lighter color. Monochromatic themes are the most popular with black shower enclosures. Lighter colors will prevent any attention from being taken away from your sleek and trendy looking shower door. We want to impress, don’t we? Keep it simple, avoid repeating the use of black besides the door frames.

  1. Mixing up colors and themes

Though black will give your bathroom an edge, overusing the hue may leave you in disdain as well. Simple and sleek black doors do not go with geometric accent tiles. Perhaps you can use plumbing fixtures in black given that your door frame is slim and its effect is minimal.

If you are going for black grid shower doors, you could pick out brass or chrome plumbing fixtures for a clear look. Try to mix up the colors as much as you can to ensure that the bathroom does not appear to be too dark and it doesn’t seem like you are trying too hard.

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How is the Color of the Shower Door Chosen?

The number of color options available out there may be overwhelming for you. Do not panic! To get an idea of which color to pick for your shower door, focus on the colors already in your bathroom to ensure that they complement the hue you choose.

If the fixtures in your bathroom are chrome or brass or any other color that brings out the black, head in that direction. You will need to talk to a professional and specify the kind of door you want and the texture of the glass.

The glass finishes available will also determine the color of your shower door along with identifying whether you should pick a thick or thin door frame.

Additionally, before you start renovating, go through the colors once again to ensure they do not clash with black. Or go over the top with unnecessary use of the color. The color of the tiles in the bathroom and the paint on the walls should also be preferably in lighter colors. It is to ensure that they do not distract the viewer from your trendy and elegant black shower doors.

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Why has Contrast become Essential and Where it’s not?

The one thing repeated, again and again, is to ensure that you do not go over the top with the use of the color black. Moreover, it is best if you do not get overly excited about trends and set up each bathroom with varying ones. Perhaps the best thing you can do for your bathroom is to add black shower doors. However, the color and its contrast come with their own set of limitations.

The hue in question can provide numerous benefits if used with appropriate colors. Where black framed shower doors bring out the simplicity in a monochromatic theme. They can help you make your white tiled bathroom with white sink and tub the glamorous touch it needs.

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Be Cautious When Making Contrast 

Though black can work perfectly with mosaic tiles, in small and large spaces both, bring out industrial aesthetic, it can also disrupt the theme of your bathroom. For instance, if your bathroom already follows a theme of dark hues and fixtures, then adding black would be a magnanimous failure. It would not only make your bathroom appear dark, but gloomy as well.

If you are taking help from a professional, he will nudge you in the right direction where contrast and designs are concerned. They may even show you combinations of black and grout. Nevertheless, you should refrain from using the combination with black shower doors. Too many patterns and lines mixed in the bathroom will scream desperation and, are likely to take away all the attention from your shower enclosures.

The best hardware to use with black is always chrome but, you may even use simple colors. Eccentric or elegant, if styled properly, black shower doors can transform the entire setting of your bathroom.


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With rising trends, many people are moving towards installing black shower door frames in their bathrooms. It not only enhances the look of their home but also gives it character. Of course, the added value is also a bonus. Overall, the black color is also serve multipurpose. It makes diverse elements and colors in your bathroom work and still looks elegant and fabulous.

So what are you waiting for? Make renovation plans beforehand and join this trendy bandwagon with black shower doors.