Best 6 Value Added Enhancements For Your Home

Home sweet home! A home is not only a place to relax after a long day, but it’s also an investment. Apart from waiting patiently for the real estate market to get better, one of the most reliable ways to raise property value is to make home improvements.  Let’s start on our journey to 6 best enhancements that will add value to your home.

Inspect your home

Not all home improvements are cosmetic. Deteriorating roofs, infestations, and outdated electric systems are some of the things a homeowner doesn’t fix unless they’re broken.

Small issues like a water leak can escalate into larger, more expensive problems later on. The longer those repairs are put off, the more costly they become.

So, hire a professional to check areas in the home that one rarely sees. These experts could uncover problems that could hurt a property’s value in the long run.

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Let go and make changes

Invite a designer or realtor over. Professional designers could give a lot of ideas for making stylish changes. Even small suggestions can go a long way in enhancing an overall look of a place.

This may mean letting go of some things that only bring clutter and occupying an otherwise usable space. Prepare to get rid of items, both big and small, that are no longer needed or wanted. Without completely throwing them out, hold a garage sale, or start selling these stuff online. A lot of homeowners are always on the lookout for good finds.

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 Paint, paint, paint!

One of the simplest, yet cost-effective ways to improve the value of a property is to paint it. Freshly-painted walls and rooms look clean and updated.

When picking paint colors, neutrals hold a greater appeal to many people, therefore making a home more desirable. On average, a gallon of paint would cost about $25, leaving one plenty of budget to purchase rollers, brushes, drop cloths, and tapes.



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Cut on energy costs

The amount of money every homeowner spends monthly on energy costs might be fixed, but several energy companies do give energy audits to their customers. These companies can also show homeowners how to maximize energy efficiency in their homes.

An energy-efficient home saves money and could be a valuable, marketable asset later on. Installing a solar power system could also give a substantial boost to a property’s value.

According to data from the Department of Energy’s Berkeley National Laboratory, this increases the value of a home to approximately an average of $15,000. It provides predictable savings. Unlike utility rates that change sharply over time, payments in solar power remain fixed.

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Landscaping and yard improvements

Landscaping significantly improves a property’s curb appeal. If an interested buyer sees a yard that’s in a disheveled state, they’re unlikely to come inside a house or make an offer. Meanwhile, a visually appealing landscape will increase a home’s resale value and attract potential buyers more.

Here are some ways to improve one’s yard and exterior landscaping:

  • Clean the lawn: Hire someone to take care of the overgrown lawn and untamed bushes. These can be an instant eyesore to prospective buyers but are the easiest things to fix. Even making minor improvements can increase a property’s value by up to 300 percent.
  • Plant a tree: Planting the right tree lowers the cooling costs to up to 25 percent. Trees also beat erosion and filter underground pollutants.
  • Do low-maintenance landscaping: Make landscaping easy by adding potted plants and flowers in the yard. Pick plants that are drought-tolerant and are naturally grown in the area.
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Consider a bathroom remodel

Another valuable home improvement is turning a standard bathroom into one that’s universally accessible. Since we live in an aging society, it makes sense to widen doorways for wheelchairs, lower light switches, and placing support bars near the toilet.

While this might be something that’s not relevant to today’s home buyers, it will be. By the time 2050 rolls in, it’s estimated that the population over 65 will double. These accessibility modifications will have a major appeal as homeowners get older.




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Conclusion: Small actions, big results

Home improvements can be costly, but it doesn’t mean one can’t get away with cheap, DIY improvements. Apart from the examples above, do you have tips on minimum enhancements that can significantly boost home value? Share your advice in the comments.