Beachcomber Hot Tub Review

A Beachcomber hot tub is known to be durable and very well built. These hot tubs are meant to be used every day and will last a long time. The first Beachcomber hot tub was built in 1978 on the Pacific Coast.

Today, Beachcomber is still expanding their business across the United States, Asia and Europe. The Beachcomber hot tub includes a control panel to allow you to control the jets in the hot tub. This tub is simple to operate from both outside and inside the hot tub.


beachcomber jacuzzi reviewMost Beachcomber hot tubs include at least 25 jets and they are large enough to accommodate at least eight people very comfortably.

The lighting system on the hot tub works well at night.

There is nothing like sitting in a nice warm hot tub while it is snowing outside.

The Beachcomber hot tubs include standard features. They include FlexJet, which gives you a great body massage.

You can adjust the FlexJets any way you like them or even turn them off.

You can also decide the intensity of the massage, the type of massage feeling, and even change the width of the spray. The jets are very simple to change. This is a standard feature with the hot tub at no extra cost to you.

beachcomber pool reviewThe Beachcomber hot tub has a wide rolled lip design that helps keep debris and water away from the cabinetry area.

The hot tub’s tongue and groove cabinet neatly tucks underneath the lip, which allows the water to go freely to the ground and away from the cabinet.

This allows the hot tub to last much longer, as it keeps your cabinet very durable.

The Beachcomber also includes body molded hand grips, which is not a safety hazard for the arms and legs of children while getting in and out of the hot tub.

Each hand grip is barrier free, and very easy to use.

These hand grips are available throughout the hot tub to make it easy for you to maneuver in.

  • The Beachcomber hot tub also offers comfortable seating.
  • Each contour is shaved and beveled to give it a round and ergonomic feel when sitting or reclining in the hot tub.
  • Each hot tub has a contoured surface throughout to give you comfortable seating no matter where you are in the hot tub.
  • Beachcomber actually uses a human body when designing the seats in their hot tubs, so you can have the best comfort available.

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Many people like to know how much maintenance a hot tub requires.

Beachcomber hot tubs recommend that you use ClearTech UV Water Care System and Care Free water care program for maintaining their hot tubs.

The ClearTeach UV Water Care destroys bacteria and viruses on your hot tub, and allows you to have clean and sterile water.

The Care Free Water Care Program is a two part program and gives your hot tub a shock treatment and a filtration enhancing clarifier. It is very easy to use.

Beachcombers offers their customers:

  • a lifetime structural guarantee on their hot tubs
  • a five year total surface guarantee
  •  two year equipment guarantee
  • an additional premium guarantee that extends your two year equipment guarantee to five years

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Beachcomber has 15 models for you to choose from, with many different accessories. You are sure to be able to select a hot tub that will be right for you and will last you a long time.

They are easy to maintain and clean, and according to customer reviews, there are not many complaints for these hot tubs.

The complaints for these hot tubs are very isolated incidences and not a wide spread problem. Most people are very happy with their Beachcomber hot tubs.

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