Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Better Than Regular Hot Tubs?

Are you thinking of buying a hot tub and are confused about what to get between an inflatable hot tub and a regular hot tub? Well, you are not alone. Lots of people are faced with the same dilemma when buying a hot tub. We all want to make our homes as luxurious as possible.

Buying a hot tub is a popular purchase choice because they are a great place to relax after a hard day at work. Imagine coming home after a tiring day and sinking into a warm bubble bath with great massage jets to wash away your fatigue. Well, that’s why it’s so amazing to get a hot tub.

Apart from relaxation purposes, a hot tub can help you to deal with health problems such as arthritis and even depression. Regularly spending time in a hot tub especially in the cold season can help people living with arthritis deal with joint pain. In the case of depression, lying in a hot tub with the water gently massaging away aches and pains can soothe the mind and help deal with stress. So its no doubt that a hot tub can be an asset in any home.

Most people agree that they would like to have a hot tub. However, not many can decide what to get between an inflatable one and a regular one. If you are one of them, here is a little information to help you make the right choice.

Differences between an inflatable hot tub and a regular hot tub

We refer to a hot tub as regular when you can install it in your home just like a bathtub. It comes with massage jets and works with hot water just like the ones in spas. A lot has to be done for this hot tub to work. Its because you put in connections like you are installing any other appliance in the home. It is permanent, and you cannot move it without enlisting the services of experts.

On the other hand, inflatable tubs are easier to set up and handle than regular hot tubs. For starters, they are portable, and you can put them up anywhere you like. You can have it on your balcony, in your sitting room in front of the TV, and even go out and have it somewhere outside. The name inflatable suggests you can carry it to a location of your choice, blow it up and voilà you have a hot tub anywhere you like. It gives you freedom of setup which you don’t get from a regular hot tub as you cannot move the later from one place to another.

Considering all the hard work that goes into putting up a regular hot tub, an inflatable one is easy to own and maintain. You inflate it and add water, and you have a great soak spot. You don’t even need more than one person for the job; you can set up your hot tub on your own in the comfort of your home without a struggle. On the other hand, there is no avoiding the use of hot tub experts when you want to install a regular hot tub unless you are an expert yourself.

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Benefits of using an inflatable hot tub

There are other reasons to put up an inflatable tub in your home.

1. Durability

A quality inflatable hot tub can last for years. They are made of sturdy material and can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and more. The sturdy material comes in handy when heavy people are using the hot tub. So if you are large, you don’t have to worry that the hot tub will deflate from your weight. They are sturdy and can take a lot of wear and tear. They are firm and will hold you no matter what position you are in when using them. You can lean back or stand up, and the hot tub will stay strong. You can also get a tub that can support the weight of as many as four people, so you get to share your hot tub fun with friends and family.

2. Easy to maintain

Unlike certain recreational water gadgets, you can maintain an inflatable tub easily. It’s not complicated as all you need to do is keep the water at a specific pH and clean out the filters regularly. It’s also a great consolation that the filtration system comes attached to the tub so that you don’t have to set it up or mess with it in any way. Just clean the filters often, and it will work perfectly.

3. Hard water treatment

If you live in a place with hard water, you can also have a hot tub. There are inflatable hot tubs that have filtration systems that work with hard water or salt water. It means you are not limited as to the place to have a hot tub which means you can get your spa experience anywhere.

4. Cheap cartridges

Cleaning the filter cartridges in an inflatable hot tub is as simple as popping it in the dishwasher or hosing it down. When it gets worn out, you can replace it with a new one. Filter cartridges for inflatable tubs are easy to purchase, and you can keep a pack at home so that you can replace one whenever it gets worn out.

5. Easy to store away

When not in use, an inflatable hot tub is easy to store away. You deflate it and keep it away until the next time you need to use it. Also, you may choose to keep it inflated and cover it using an insulated cover. The cover also comes in handy when you need to keep dirt out of it when in use.

6. Affordable

Due to their temporary nature, inflatable tubs are not as expensive as regular hot tubs. There is no need for professionals or a lengthy installation process, and this cuts down the cost significantly. So you can easily save the money you spend going to the hot tub at the spa and buy one to use at home.

You can get a simple one with minimal massage jets at an affordable price, or get one made of sturdy material with the best massage jets and other great features that money can buy; it all depends on your budget. The fact remains that it’s easy to own an inflatable hot tub and you should have one. So why don’t you buy one today?

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