8 Small Living Room Ideas to Make the Most of your Space

If you’re a homeowner with a small home or a studio apartment, not only do you have to think of how to fit your furniture perfectly in your space, you also need to think about leaving it enough room to breathe.

Having a limited living space is a challenge especially in creative design. However, the key here is to combine function with space saving solutions.

So, how can you make the most of your space? Here are some powerful tips on how to make it look spacious:

1. Use Neutral Colors

Neutral colors on walls, ceiling, and furniture upholstery is a popular small living room idea. Soft palettes such as beiges and off-whites tend to make space look larger by appearing to push back the walls.

Also, softer hues tend to brighten up an entire room by reflecting the light. It makes the room sophisticated and elegant while creating a more calming environment.

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2. Decorate with Mirrors

Most designers are strategic in placing mirrors in smaller places to make it look larger. To create a focal point, hang a large mirror in a central location of your space. Put it up behind a light source such as a lamp or a candle as it reflects the light and adds a nice ambiance.

You can also try positioning a mirror from across your window as it reflects the view. Doing so gives off an illusion of another window.

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3. Add Plants

Just like soft colors and mirrors, plants can add a nice touch to a smaller sized living space. Since plants tend to soften the corners of the room, it tricks the eye that there’s so much space than there is. These lush greens are more effective when they’re strategically placed in corners, usually behind or beside chairs and sofas. In addition to plants, what you can also add in a corner is a tower fan, especially if it gets hot during the summer. They are tall and narrow, can fit in every corner of your living room and you can easily carry them around. You can learn more about different models and best tower fan brands here.

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4. Use Multipurpose Furniture

Whether you choose a coffee table that doubles as a storage bin, lidded tools, or a sofa with storage under its seat, multi-functional pieces of furniture are attractive pieces that perform double duty. After all, the trend these days is all about merging form and function. Multi-purpose solutions offer you more creative ways to decorate your home without sacrificing style.

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5. Maximize the Storage Space

Keep your living room looking fresh and uncluttered by having well-chosen storage. It makes your space appear larger and immaculate.

To hold things on a wall, floating shelves are ideal. You can also go for floor-to-ceiling shelves and cupboards wherein you can maximize every inch of space.

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6. Spice It Up With Some Optical Illusions

For you to draw the eye upward and create an effect of extra space, hang curtains from the ceiling instead of hanging it above the windows. Also add glass tables, as it deceives the eye of making the entire room appear more spacious.

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7. Go Big With the Rug

Some people may think that having a big rug in a small room is counterintuitive. But as much as you can, choose a rug that extends beyond the furniture space. In a living room, a rug sitting under a coffee table or a sofa tends to draw the eye wider. As a result, your space will appear to look bigger than its actual size.

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8. Let Your Personality Shine Through

Try to infuse as much personality as you can ‒ it’s a small room, but it doesn’t have to be bare, and characterless. Ideally, try to create a warm, cozy environment ‒ add much-loved items and throw in pieces of accessories to complement the theme you’re going for.

You can use creatively framed photos, personal artworks, sentimental knick-knacks, and other unique elements that can personalize your space. If it’s interesting and captivating in every way, the last thing anyone will be thinking is how small the actual size of the room is.

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In Summary

Whether it’s thinking of creative storage solutions or coming up with stylish, space-saving design elements, these tricks and tips can help you decorate your small space in big style. If you want to get unparalleled results, then it helps to take an interior design course to learn the latest online learning techniques that you can apply to your home.

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