8 Best Rated Hot Tubs

When it comes to lifestyle decisions, there are very few that can compare to getting a hot tub installed in your own backyard.


best hot tubs
There are many reasons why it is recommended for a home owner to have a hot tub installed in his home.

These range from the exquisite experience that one derives from hot tubs to their stress relieving properties after a hard day’s work.



best rated hot tubs
In addition to this, there are also the health benefits of installing a hot tub through procedures like hydrotherapy and various social advantages such as increased interaction between family members and even neighbors and colleagues.

However, as there are numerous options in the market, it is important for you to know the best available products.

Here is a list of 8 best rated hot tubs in the market.

1. Onyx Spas

Onyx Spas has received many good reviews from the people who have made the decision to buy it.

Products from Onyx Spas have various benefits such as the high quality designing of the seating, performance levels of the pump, adjustability of the jets in the hot tubs and even other frills such as the lighting package and waterfall.

2. Atera Spas

atera anytemp spasIf you live in a region that has winter and summer seasons then you would find Atera Spas very helpful because they have the ability to warm and heat water.

In addition to this, these spas are also ideal for people who are unhappy about the use of chemicals in the water in their hot tubs.

While most hot tubs use chlorine, Atera Spas do not have any chemical additives.

3. ThermoSpas Marlin Diamond

The ThermoSpas’ Marlin Diamond model is considered to be a very reliable and trustworthy spa especially since ThermoSpas have their own line of chemicals.
thermospa prices marlin diamond
These chemicals and the hot tub systems are synergized which results in the best performance for the user i.e. you.

4. Clearwater Spas

clearwater spas parts
Clearwater Spas are primarily known amongst its users for its hydrotherapy system, which is incomparable to other spas in the market.

Along with the quality of the jets in the hot tubs from Clearwater, another great quality of these tubs is that the seats in the hot tubs prevent the user from floating up in the water.

The salt water system is also worth a special mention.

5. Jacuzzi

outdoor jacuzziJacuzzi is a name that has become synonymous with any hot tub that has jets installed in it.

As is obvious, this means that when you buy a Jacuzzi hot tub, you buy a product that is made by manufacturers that are the past masters of creating hydrotherapy hot tubs.


Everything from jet placement and actions to the design and the build quality of the hot tub will leave you amazed.

6. Barefoot Spa

The Barefoot Spa is, hands down, one of the better hot tubs in the market simply because of some special features.

For example, Barefoot Spas contain computer controlled cleaning cycles and interchangeable jets incorporated in some exquisite piece of designing.

7. Coast Spas

Just the name Coast Spas brings visions of splendor in the minds of people.

Coast Spas are the epitome of luxury with audio and visual systems incorporated into the inherent design of the hot tub. The fully equipped video and audio system is something that can only be described as exceptional.

8. Hot Spring Portable Spas

Hot Spring Portable Spas, as the name suggests, are portable in nature.

Moreover, when it comes to their rating, they have been rated in the top 5 hot tubs list of the Consumers Digest magazine for an unprecedented five straight times.

The professional rating received from a professional establishment speaks volumes in itself.

The above mentioned hot tubs are only some of the best in the industry and it is entirely possible that you may find another hot tub that fits your need much more than them. Even so, the aforementioned 8 best rated hot tubs can be used as benchmarks.

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