7 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories for him

  • By: Paul
  • Date: May 8, 2022
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Inflatable hot tubs are an excellent option for first-time buyers. For people who are just trying to get the feel of the spa experience before making a more permanent commitment to a hard case hot tub, the inflatable counterparts serve the purpose.

The initial payment is much lower than traditional hot tubs, and you have the added benefit of portability.

Inflatable hot tub owners learn to love this backyard centerpiece for some downtime after a tiring day or bustling day with friends and family. 

However, with just a few accessories, you can make your inflatable hot tubs much more functional, relaxing, and easy to maintain.

Read on as we detail 7 of the most wonderful hot tub accessories, carefully picked out for an elevated spa experience. 

1. Headrests 

Many modern hard case hot tubs come with headrests that you can unscrew and replace when needed. However, inflatable hot tubs do not have that option.

Even though infallible hot tubs are soft enough to rest your back, the added support for the neck and head is still missing but easily fixable. All you need are headrests designed especially for hot tubs.

Intex is a leading inflatable hot tub brand with various accessories, including headrests that fit their specific models.

If you do not have an Intex inflatable hot tub, many hot tub pillow options are available. From foam-filled, weighted to inflatable varieties, you can opt for a design that suits your needs.

These pillows can provide carrying support from just the neck all the way to the back. 

2. Booster Seat Cushion

One downfall of inflatable hot tubs is that they come with floor seating. Sitting down on the floor is not a comfortable choice for many hot tub users for various reasons.

The floor might be hard, or the kids and shorter adults may not be able to have a relaxing soak, feeling like they are drowning, especially when the jets are on. 

Invest in booster seat cushions to make our inflatable tub universally accessible for all users. Booster seat cushions make for a great seating option for shorter individuals as they provide them with height.

You can go with foam-filled, water-filled, or weighted cushions as per your preference. Some cushions come with suction cups to keep them firmly in place when not in use.

3. Drink And Cup Holders 

Unlike some traditional hot tubs, the inflatable options have rounded edges, which means that you cannot place your drinks and cups there.

Even if you could balance your drinks and belongings on the tub’s edge, you still will have to be careful not to spill them inside.

A simple solution is to get a drink holder and tray.

The trays usually come with suction cups for placement. There is also an excellent one from Intex with spring-loaded grips.

Many such trays with cup holders can also float in the hot tub, so you can use them as you like.

The holder plus tray has dedicated holders for cups, as well as space to keep your keys, phones, and other belongings you need close when taking a dip in the tub. 

4. Floor Protector and Floating Thermal Blanket 

One of the challenges of having an inflatable hot tub is maintaining the temperature.

Inflatable hot tubs usually take longer for water to reach the desired temperature, and then it isn’t easy to maintain the temperature between uses.

However, both the floor protector and a floating thermal blanket help with this issue. 

A floor protector not only protects your hot tub from rocks and debris on the floor it also works as an insulator to help retain water heat.

Another way to cut down running costs and prevent heat loss from your hot tub water, you can invest in a floating thermal blanket.

A thermal blanket will prevent heat loss through evaporation. The money you pay for the thermal blanket will eventually payback in energy bill reduction. 

5. Non-Slip Steps And Surrounds  

When you have company and several people using your inflatable hot tub, invest in non-slip steps and inflatable surrounds (that can also double as steps). 

While taller individuals can quickly get into inflatable hot tubs, children and shorter individuals struggle to step into the spa comfortably.

Non-slip steps are a much-needed accessory to make the spa more accessible for everyone. 

We also recommend buying inflatable surrounds that provide extra seating and drying space and double as steps to your inflatable hot tub.

With the spa bench or surrounds, you can have all your guests relax by the hot tub even as they step out of the water. 

6. Spa Vacuum 

Keep your inflatable hot tub water clean with a spa vacuum. No matter how hard you try, some dirty leaves and debris are bound to get in your spa water and then ultimately settle down.

It is no fun to step into the muddy water to scoop the particles. An easier way to do this is with a spa vacuum.

You can choose between various options, each with a different price point.

If you live in a windy location, where a lot of dirt settles onto the water, we recommend investing in an electric spa vacuum.

However, there are cheaper alternatives such as hand pump spa vacuums or ones that use air pressure.

These work well if there is not a lot of debris and particles to collect. 

7. Water Testing Strips

Another necessary accessory for inflatable hot tub water maintenance is water testing strips.

Spa water requires a lot of upkeep, from the correct chlorine or bromine levels to the desired pH level.

Keeping your water in check is essential yet too complicated for many hot tub owners, especially new ones. 

Water testing strips are heaven-sent to ensure water safety for yourself and any company you might have.

These strips have simple color-coded levels on the pack, making them incredibly easy to use.

All you have to do is dip the strip in hot tub water for the allocated time and then match the color against the given color chart. 

Final Thoughts

While you can still enjoy your inflatable hot tub as it comes out of the packaging, adding these great accessories can not only make it more comfortable but also extend its life.

All these accessories are convenient for new hot tub owners looking to take the plunge to invest in add-ons that make spa maintenance easier.