6 Easy Ways to Prepare for Your Hot Tub’s Arrival

Getting a hot tub can be a fantastic experience. And the journey starts from when you first order one. To get the most out of it, it’s worth thinking about ways to prepare your patio or yard for the hot tub.

Whether that’s rearranging your furniture or clearing away old air hoses, having everything ready means you can enjoy your hot tub from the get go.

Here’s some quick tips to help you get prepared for the big arrival day, and make the most out of your brand-new hot tub:

1.      Know Your Size

You may have picked your hot tub based on it’s general size and the amount of people it can accommodate. However, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right amount of space set out for such a large addition to the yard.

I suggest roughly marking out the dimensions of the hot tub to get a full idea of what you’re dealing with. One brick on each corner of the hot tub and you’ve got a great illustration of where it’s going to go. Then you can arrange your furniture around it, and make sure you’re happy with how it’s all going to look.

Some great guidance material here.

2.      Double Check Location

First, make sure it’s easy to access from your home! Every extra step between your home and your hot tub makes it harder and harder to use during the winter! Make sure to keep it as close as you can, so it’s easy to make the most of in winter, or to pull out some fries from the drawer microwave and serve them up tubside.

A hot tub is essentially a massive bathtub. And what does a bathtub need? Water. Lots and lots of water.

Making sure you can conveniently fill (and drain) a hot tub is crucial to making any maintenance easy. One sure fire way to get tired of an investment is for it to be a hassle to do regular maintenance with.

Don’t forget about that view, either. A hot tub is a pretty immobile addition, so make sure you’ll be able to get the best view when sitting in it! On the other hand, consider how private you and your guests will be while in shorts and bikinis to any passing neighbours.

3.      Ready That Electric Feel

Easy access to an electrical source is a must, too. This may be tricky, and hiring an electrician is usually the best option. You need a 240 volt, 50 AMP output, connected to a separate 50 AMP breaker within your main breaker box. Any good hot tub needs to be wired directly through the floor or side wall into a control pack.

4.      Do You Need a Building Permit?

While you may not be ‘building’ your hot tub, you may need a permit from your county/city. If not for the hot tub, then for any extra construction around the hot tub, and for any new electric circuits. Thankfully these should be fairly easy – not like you’re adding a floor to the house!

5.      Level Out

This goes without saying, but you’d be surprised how many hot tubs get installed on a slant. If you’re installing it on the lawn, making sure your ground is flat without any big bumps or dips can help prevent maintenance issues in the future.

A level of gravel is the ideal base for any hot tub. Don’t worry – nothing specialized is needed; any standard gravel will do. Between 4-6” is enough to let everything settle. It not only helps with drainage, but also helps to spread out the heavy load across the ground.

However, some hot tubs should only be installed using a constructed, purpose-built structure. Make sure to consult a licensed contractor (and any documentation) to make sure.

6.      Installing on a Deck

For those of you lucky enough to have a deck with space for a hot tub, there’s one catch. Unfortunately, there’s no way you should be prepping your deck DIY style.

You should almost always have a deck checked, and reinforced by, a qualified contractor.

Especially because any damage caused by poor installation or bad support will void your warranty.

If you think about the weight of a hot tub – it can quickly add up to a few tons. The hot tub itself is heavy enough, then you’re adding dozens of gallons of water, and a bunch of people, too! Placing this on any structure will almost certainly need some extra reinforcement. Something that’s a bit too tricky for us to share in this guide.


Hot Tubs can really take your home to the next level. It becomes a great reason to make more from the longer summer days, and there’s nothing better than a dip after a long day’s work.

I hope this guide has helped give you some clarity about how to prep your deck or yard for your hot tub. Waiting for the arrival can be a slow process, but having everything prepared can help speed up the process.

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