5 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Selling your home is about many things but one of the most influential is curb appeal. Taking action to increase the quality of your home’s first impression can help tack on thousands in extra sales dollars. Renovating kitchens and bathrooms are the safest best—but they’re expensive. These simple tips will help you boost curb appeal without sinking your bank account.

Raking Leaves & Mowing Grass

Leaves are fun to play with, can bring a sense of autumnal bliss, and don’t always look that bad. When it comes to selling your house though—leaves only say one thing: upkeep. Buyers will love that giant oak tree in the front yard but if they are reminded of how many leaves they’ll have to rake it might make them think twice. Paying extra attention to the grass underneath is also a positive, but can be costlier investment than $20 and a few hours on a Saturday. Take it from Realtor.com—there are ways to make raking leaves pretty easy.

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Pressure Washing Everything

A pressure washer is a great inexpensive way to revitalize many aspects of your home. They can help remove years of dirt and grime from concrete, stone, brick, and especially decks. It’ll take a little time to get things looking right but it’s incredible how much difference this trick can make. Bricks look as if they’ve just been laid, concrete looks as if it’s been poured only a year prior, and decks—especially with a new coat of sealer and/or staining—can look brand new again. Retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot rent gas-powered pressure. The Home Refinery lists some very affordable electric pressure washers that will cost you less than two bills. If $200 gets you an extra $5000 on the sale price that’s money well spent!

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Clearing & Clearing Gutters

Gutters can help save your home from water damage but aren’t completely independent of upkeep. Unless you’ve got some of those fancy gutter guards installed, you’re likely well-acquainted with removing leaves and other debris from your home’s gutters. When you list your home for sale, you may start fanaticizing about no longer having to schlep up that ladder and scratch your hand all to pieces. The Spruce has a great set of tips for getting gutters looking tip-top before potential buyers start kicking the tires.

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Lighting Candles & Creating Nice Smells

You might be used to the way your home smells but no one else is. Your home’s first impression to buyers will be scentual as much as it visual. This rings especially true for homes that have been sitting vacant for some time. Even well-maintained homes can have a less-than-pleasant odor to them, especially in warmer months. Lighting candles can be tricky when you’re not there during showings but, depending on your realtor’s commitment, can make a tremendous difference. Houzz notes several ways in which one can improve their homes smell before unlocking it to lookie-loos.

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Fresh Paint

Paint color and quality are ones of the most influential attributes of your home when it comes to courting would-be buyers. Having a bright orange dining room might make a buyer fall in love instantly but, chances are, it’ll turn off 99% of the others. Everyone knows that paint isn’t permanent and that you can always repaint something that doesn’t look perfect. That’s not the point—the point is making the best first impression possible. Zillow’s 2017 home color analysis shows that cool and neutral paint colors fetch higher market prices than those with white, yellow, or red walls.

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