5 Best Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away

It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep your home safe when you are away on vacation or a business trip.  Your home is at an elevated risk of theft because it becomes unoccupied and thieves are always on the lookout for these targets.

Moreover, the crime rates in the country are rising rapidly, and according to a recent report from the FBI, theft and armed robberies are the two most common crimes in the United States.

Therefore, you need to implement some security features that can help maintain security while away from home. Let’s look at our quick list of 5 best things that you can do to keep your home safe while you are away.

Install wireless surveillance cameras

One of the most simple and easy ways to maintain security at your home while you are away is to install surveillance cameras. Now, simple CCTV cameras might be somewhat of an effective crime deterrent, but they can’t work to their full potential if you can’t monitor them.

Instead of wired cameras, you should install some wireless modern surveillance cameras. These cameras have tons of features that allow you to keep an eye on your home even when you are away. Firstly, they have a remote viewing feature that allows you to monitor your cameras on your phone from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

These cameras have smart motion detection, and they can notify you if there is any movement in your home. Modern cameras can also differentiate between the actions of animals and humans, so you don’t have to worry about any false alarms either.

Some wireless cameras also have built-in alarm systems that can be triggered through the motion detection feature. Not only will surveillance cameras act as a deterrent for criminals, but they will also give you peace of mind while you are travelling. Therefore, look for some security camera installation companies around you and get a wireless surveillance system installed.


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Use smart, automated lights inside the house


Most thieves stalk homes before they do a burglary, they look for easy targets, and if they find a home which is always dark, they can figure out that it is uninhabited. Lights that are always turned off are a dead giveaway that no one is home; therefore, you should install some smart lights in your home.

These automated lights can be programmed to turn on at a preset time, or you can even turn them on remotely through your phone. They can make it look like you are home, even when you are not.

Some security lights can also make it look like someone is watching TV in the house. It will make thieves think that the homeowners are still awake, and they won’t break into the house.

You can also install some motion-activated floodlights to the exterior of your home. These lights can increase the productivity of your cameras, and they will surely deter any criminals who try to sneak onto your property at night.

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Install an alarm system


Another simple yet super effective way to increase your security is to install an alarm system in your home. A loud and well-connected alarm is the ultimate deterrent that will make any intruder or thief run away instantly.

Though some security cameras have built-in alarms, for maximum security and safety, you should install a standalone alarm system with numerous sensors all-around your home. Add glass break sensors on the windows, and laser sensors in from outdoors. Also add pressure sensors to the door locks, so that if the locks are picked, then alarm is triggered.

You can also install a smart door lock. These locks can’t be picked, and if the passcode is entered incorrectly more than a certain number of times, the house is sealed until you call the security company. Moreover, these smart door locks have cameras and a built-in alarm system, so they will also record the person who tries to tamper with them.

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Stop your mail

Another standard indicator that a home is unoccupied is the piled-up mail and newspapers in your mailbox. If a thief sees a full mailbox, they can deduce that a house is empty and an easy score.

Before you leave, you should stop your mail, or preferably re-route it to a friend or family member’s address. This way, if you get any critical mail, your friends will inform you about it, and a giant pile of unreceived mail in your mailbox won’t invite any intruders either.

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Don’t announce your plans on social media

These days thieves don’t need to spend hours casing a home to know if it is empty or occupied, they can use social media to find vacant houses as well. You might be thinking, how is that possible? Well, what criminals do, is that they look for people uploading travel photos on their social media accounts when they see someone’s travel photos that know that there is no one at their home.

Even if you don’t have your address on social media, thieves can find your home by doing a google search on your phone number. Moreover, if you have ever posted an event on Facebook, you may have mentioned your address.

The safe bet is to refrain from uploading images when you are away from home. Just collect all the photos and post them when you get back home; otherwise, you may be putting your property at a higher risk.

To sum it all up, home security is of paramount importance, especially when you aren’t home. The tension of Your home’s security can ruin your vacation and keep you worried. However, if you use the hacks that we have listed in this post, you will be able to improve the security of your home significantly. You will be more relaxed and enjoy your trip without worrying about the safety of your home. Lastly, we hope that you find this post useful and informative.


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