5 Smart Ways to Add Privacy to Your Outdoor Hot Tub

Are you planning to add a hot tub to your backyard? Or, do you already have one but feel like you’re on display to the entire neighborhood? Privacy is an important consideration to ensure you get the maximum use—and enjoyment—of this investment. You need to add privacy to your outdoor hot tub…right away!

You certainly want to use your hot tub every chance you can. And, why not? It’s relaxing to the mind, melts away stress, and offers therapeutic benefits to your aching body. However, it’s not very much fun when you feel subjected to the peering eyes of every passerby as you’re trying to soak your cares away.

All that’s needed is some creativity, a few tools, and some basic know-how to come up with an attractive way to add privacy to your hot tub. Let’s begin our look at 5 smart ways to add privacy to your outdoor hot tub now.

A Private Screening

Nope, we’re not talking about a movie screening. We’re talking about creating a screened-in pergola around your hot tub. The pergola top will add shade and provide a place to tack down screening. Add screens to the sides and create a sliding screen door for accessing your tub.

When you add a screened pergola, you add privacy and shade to that you can enjoy your hot tub even during the daytime without feeling the glaring sunshine. Additionally, this concept also adds protection from pesky mosquitoes, flies, and other insects that are attracted to the moist environment of your hot tub.

This first suggestion is the most expensive suggestion of the five. Plus, it requires the most advanced carpentry skills. However, you might just decide this investment of money and manpower will offer you the greatest pleasure and the most benefits.

Lattice Work Trellis

Wicker Planter with Trellis

If a screened pergola is just too much work for you to build, consider erecting a lattice trellis wall that will obstruct the view of your hot tub from curious neighbors and cars that drive by.

The posts of the latticework should be set into concrete, so it’s also a permanent structure. The latticework screws into the posts. Lattice is awesome because it still lets the light shine through and makes you feel at one with nature. It’s also able to be positioned only where you need it, so you don’t have a closed-off feeling.

While this is less complicated a project, it still will require some carpentry know-how and time. However, you can complete this project in one full day of work. Instant gratification!

Hedge Your Bets

Plant a fast-growing hedge such as a forsythia for a greener and more natural feeling around your hot tub. Once fully grown, hedges will block the sight of your hot tub and offer you a tremendous amount of lush, green privacy.

While a hedge is an inexpensive option, there are a couple of drawbacks. Most notably is the fact that it will be years before you truly achieve the privacy that you crave! Even fastest-growing shrubs take a two to three years to reach maturity. Once grown, they require care such as regular trimming and treated with insecticide, so that your hot tub does not become overrun with mosquitoes.

Plant a Green Wall Vertical Garden

Another fun and green DIY is to plant a vertical garden. It will be gorgeous and look like a green wall from the outside! Like the trellis, it can be erected where you need it and leaves a very open and airy feeling while providing privacy at the same time.

Position the vertical garden nearby to interrupt the sight lines to your hot tub. It’s easy to create vertical garden containers from recycled pallets or reclaimed wood. Put the pallets on their end and nestle cheery little green plants in containers in the vertical garden and you’ll have a custom arts-and-crafts look that takes just a few hours to set up.

As an added bonus, you will have bright splashes of color from the flowers or herbs that you select to add to the vertical garden. It’s fun to grow your own flowers and the scent around your hot tub will be almost heavenly.

It’s Curtains for You!

If you want to add privacy that’s virtually carefree, consider constructing a simple framework and adding curtains in quick-drying fabrics which will be safe for rainy weather outdoors. The look of this is amazing and has a very spa-like feeling which is perfect for your hot tub!

You can build a frame out of weatherproof PVC pipes secured into the ground. Use an elbow piece to create a bend and screw the top bar into the elbows. Feed the PVC through the curtain pocket before you screw the pipes into their permanent position.

The great part about this is that the PVC is virtually indestructible, weather-proof, and lightweight. In addition, curtains can be tied back or let down depending on your privacy needs. However, the curtains will need to be replaced frequently as they will take a constant barrage of weather assaults. Expect them to fade from the sun rather quickly.

The Takeaway

Your hot tub is a fantastic place for you to unwind at the end of a long day or a stressful week. It should be your oasis, not a spectacle. If you are self-conscious because your hot tub is lacking an essential sense of privacy, take these suggestions to heart.

You might just find that you have a renewed love of hot-tubbing once you establish those boundaries.

Author Bio: Deborah Tayloe is a full-time blogger and content writer. She publishes the blog DIY Home & Garden from her North Carolina home. When she’s not blogging about DIY, she’s working on DIY projects around her house.

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