5 Reasons You Need a Spa Cover

When you purchase a hot tub, you are taking on a huge responsibility. One way to negate a lot of this responsibility is to purchase a spa cover. Some hot tub owners don’t know the benefits of owning a spa cover, while others know that they need a spa cover to care for their hot tub properly.

1.      Safety

The number one priority for most hot tub owners is safety. While many people don’t view hot tubs as dangerous, spas can be just as dangerous as pools. Without a spa cover, your hot tub is open for people to fall in and get hurt. Even with a small amount of water, animals and children can easily drown.

Many hot tub covers come with locks that prevent hot tubs from being opened without a key. These covers can prevent unwanted guests from hopping into your spa without your permission, and they can keep kids and animals out of the hot tub.

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2.      Energy Savings

You wouldn’t leave the door of your home open on a snowy day and let all of the heat out. So, why would you leave the heat of your hot tub open to the elements? Any heat that escapes your hot tub has to be replaced, which requires energy. This energy costs you money.

Instead of paying more to heat your hot tub continuously, you can purchase a spa cover that will ensure that the heat stays where you want it. Most hot tub covers come with a good deal of insulation, which traps the heat inside of the tub and prevents evaporation from the heat by catching water droplets as they try to evaporate.

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3.      Cleanliness

The outdoors is dirty. With leaves, dirt, bugs, and other debris in the air, it is likely that your hot tub will eventually become dirty as well. Environmental debris can clog up filters, and all that gunk can even make people sick. You want your hot tub water to be balanced and clean. Think of it as a giant bathtub. Do you want to soak in dirty bath water? Probably not! Therefore, you should want the water in your hot tub to be clean as well.

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4.      Sun Damage

When the sun is constantly shining on the acrylic shell of your hot tub, the shell will eventually start to deteriorate. It won’t take long for the sun damage to the shell of your spa to become very noticeable. Getting a spa cover with a skirt can prevent sun damage to the acrylic shell and the outside portion of the hot tub. These skirts help protect both the inside and outside of the hot tub. A simple spa cover can prevent significant sun damage from ruining your hot tub after only a couple of years.

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5.      Chemical Maintenance Costs

Your hot tub relies on chemicals to keep the water safe. Alkalinity and pH balance is hard to maintain. Unfortunately, your hot tub can’t regulate these things on its own. With a hot tub cover, your hot tub is more likely to maintain the proper pH and alkalinity balance for long.

Spa chemicals can be very expensive when you are using them all of the time to keep your water in balance. If you don’t have a spa cover, you will need to add in more chemicals to achieve the perfect balance continually.

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Choosing a Hot Tub Cover

Now that you know just how necessary a hot tub cover is, it is time to choose one. You need a hot tub cover that is made to fit your spa. A perfect fit is necessary. An ill-fitting hot tub cover is useless. All of the things you are trying to keep out of the hot tub will likely make their way in. Therefore, you need to find a cover that fits your hot tub like a glove.

When you purchase a spa cover, you need to take accurate measurements or find a cover that is made for your specific make, model, and year of the hot tub. Any gaps or errors in measurement will leave your hot tub exposed to the elements.

You also need to think about the climate in which you live. Are you in an area that gets very cold in the winter? If so, you need to get a cover with more insulation power. In areas of moderate or warm climates, you can get away with a little less insulation to keep the heat in. To properly maintain temperatures in the spa without using more energy, you need to make sure that you select the insulation level that is appropriate to the climate in which you live.

While there are other reasons you may want a hot tub cover, these are the most important reasons for most hot tub owners. Are there any other reasons you can think of for buying a hot tub cover?

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