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5 Best Floating Tables for Hot Tubs





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We all enjoy extras, particularly when they enhance our items and help us stand out from the crowd. Your hot tub is no exception to this rule.

Consider this scenario…

After a long day, your buddies come over for a beer and a bath in the tub, and surprise!

Today you are not carrying the drinks and snacks in a boring tray but a beautiful Floating Table.

These Cool Floating Tables are a great way to enhance the aesthetic of your hot tub.

So, what exactly are these tables that are being referred to above? Let’s go pick out a few.

What Is The Purpose Of Floating Tables and Are They Necessary?

Well, the answer lies somewhere between No, indeed, and perhaps.

Colors and a little hovering entertainment? Let’s face it: the answer is very subjective, depending on what you are looking for.

Is it necessary to get a floating table for your hot tub?

We say yes because staying hydrated while bathing in hot water is a brilliant idea.

A floating table will make sure that you are at ease and have everything at the convenience of your hands.

And perhaps? Some may argue that a floating table is “over the top,” but that all relies on your perspective.

We suggest, if it makes you happy, go ahead and purchase it.

Above all, everything boils down to what you desire. If anything makes you happy, whether it’s functional or just attractive, that’s justified enough.

So who’s to say you can’t have one or all of these hot floating tub tables if you want them?

Perfect Pool or Inflatable Hot Tub Bar Table

Who wants to leave the hot tub and go inside for more beverages and snacks?

Well, Problem Solved! No one has to when you have the perfect pools or hot tub bar table.

Inflate the table and fasten it to the tub’s side or just let it hover in the water.

It’s precisely sectioned to accommodate drinks and snacks. It even features an ice bucket-style aperture in the center to keep stuff chilled.

Please Note: You must fill the Primary compartment with air and the two underside storage boxes with liquid for ballasts to stabilize. The concept is similar to that of a boat. 

The openings in the water containers are comparatively large and not air-tight. It is essential to read the manual first as many people confuse and mess up the inflation process.


Check out our quick picks in this table below:

Life Floating Spa Bar Inflatable Hot Tub Side Tray

The Perfect Pools Spa Table is one of the manufacturer’s best-sellers, and we can understand why! This 28-inch-diameter inflatable Tray floats on the surface of the water. 

It attaches firmly to the edge using two water-weighted compartments, eliminating the need to go out of the pool and dry off when you want a nibble or drink.

Whether you’re holding a hot tub bash or simply relaxing, hopping in and out of the pool to retrieve drinks and food for yourself or guests may be a real nuisance.

It has eight different-sized storage compartments and two carry hooks. A Patch Kit is also included with the Tray.

The Spa Bar’s generous dimension of 70 x 40 centimeters ensures that you can accommodate all of your treasures within it.

Polar Whale Floating Table

The premium Polar Whale Poker Table will take your pool poker game parties to a whole new level! The Polar Whale Floating Table comes with a deck of waterproof playing cards.

The giant floating foam table can accommodate up to four players and features various drawers for beverages, snacks, and poker chips. 

The table is suitable for indoor or outdoor usage, such as in the gaming room, playground, or seashore.

This product is a perfect mixture of aesthetic and functionality. The design language sports a combination of gorgeous bright red and black foam.

The build quality is good and feels premium, and will last long.

It’s the perfect size for entertaining guests and family! The overall dimensions are approximately 23.5″ x 23.5″, making this compact but not tiny.

It’s UV-protected from the sunlight, with a unique aesthetic and functionality that’s ideal for and hot tub!

There is no need for assembling, inflation, or deflation.

Don’t worry about punctures; the puncture-proof foam used for construction is long-lasting and will not deflate on its own!

TXEsign Foam Float Speaker Holder Table Tray

This Foam Float Speaker holder table tray can store beverages, appetizers, a Bluetooth speaker, and a mobile phone, allowing you to listen to music while keeping your drink close. This setting makes your hot tub experience a lot more convenient.

This one-of-a-kind tray includes four slots for containers, bottles, and glasses. The middle compartment houses a water-resistant case for Bluetooth speakers and phones. It can Support speakers weighing up to 4.5 pounds without tipping over.

The Tray has a diameter of 3.50 inches and a depth of 4.5 inches. Because the base of the slot is open and the bottle is partially buried in the water, it can easily accommodate heavy beverages and loudspeakers.

This Tray is easily transportable as its’s construction is light and portable, weighing around 700 grams. 

It is well constructed and is made of highly dense and lightweight foam.

The Tray is effortless to use; there is no need for constant inflation or deflation. Also, don’t be concerned about accidental deflation as the foam used is tough and won’t break easily!

AquaReader Floating Caddy for Hot Tub

This one is for the nerds and the readers who treat their books like an inseparable part of themselves.

Read books and ebooks without the fear of wetting the pages or accidentally submerging your phone. Let AquaReader convert your soak into a comprehensive experience whenever, whenever, and wherever you love a nice soak.

This variant has Book and Tablet Retainers to keep all of the content on-board secure. There will be no more spilling electronic devices and novels while relaxing in the pool.

It is incredibly lightweight and small, weighing just about 1lb.

The AquaReader can go wherever you want to go; disassemble and pack it in your bag for your next vacation.


The Tray you choose will be a personal choice. However, after considering customer reviews, every product listed above is more or less at par with each other.

The floating table you purchase will depend on what you want to use it for. 

We hope that the guidelines and reviews above will make your purchase a lot easier and hassle-free. 

Happy Dipping!

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