4-Person Inflatable Jet Massage Hot Tub

The next hot tube that could not hide from our intent look is the Intex PureSpa. This model is specifically designed for those who pay attention to appearance, because the exterior of a tub has a tan color, while the interior is light creamy. The simple and reliable design of PureSpa by Intex allows you to quickly install and disassemble it. The newest Fiber-Tech Construction material with composite fiber is used for the manufacture of and an outer coating is made of laminated PVC.

The main difference between this hot tub from the others on our list is the presence of the system to treat hard water by which water becomes softer, if necessary. Be sure your skin will thank you for this choice. Additionally, PureSpa is equipped by two filter cartages for spa water.

Intex PureSpa is large enough so that up to 4 people can enjoy the hot tub simultaneously. User-friendly control panel with LED-display allows you to control the heating of the water directly from the tub and the maximum temperature allowed is 104 degrees F (400 C). The heating system automatically adapts to the temperature you’ve set. Together with the hot tub itself, you will get a storage bag, a chlorine dispenser, and installation and maintenance guide as well as the thermal ground cloth with a lock.

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