3 Edmonton Winter Landscaping Ideas

As you welcome the winter, your lawn needs attention too. The change in weather automatically disqualifies summer plants. On the flip side, plants and shrubs that aren’t sensitive to the front help to add beauty to your landscape.

Landscaping doesn’t automatically shift to the back burner in the winters even though we end up spending more time indoors with a mug of steaming coffee. If there is anything that changes with the twist in the season, it’s the type of care that your lawn requires.

Proper lawn care in the winters preps your yard for the spring season to come. On top of this, winter landscaping turns a dull yard into a painting-worthy winter scene. Hence, it is best to work on your garden as winter rushes your way.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of landscaping ideas in Edmonton and other areas as winter approaches:

1. Remove the debris and trim the trees and shrubs for presentable landscaping

Your first step in working to prep your yard for the winters revolves around getting rid of the debris. You need to get rid of sticks, leaves, and other debris. This is essential because the accumulated detritus prevents sunlight from reaching the grass blades beneath it. This can leave a toll on your lawn’s health.

If you let all the crunchy waste collect, your yard will end up patchy, dull, and brown. At the same time, you should trim the trees and shrubs too. Perennial plants can survive the winter months easily if they are pruned adequately. Therefore, if you have any daisies, peonies, and other such plants, you need to trim them now.

It is best to take to the task of trimming now before winters get severe enough to lock you indoors for long hours. Now is also the ideal time to clip hedges and shrubs. Work on cutting back deciduous and evergreen trees too. Don’t forget to take safety measures before you prune trees and inspect the tree before you go about trimming it. You will need a professional landscaper if a tree is at an awkward spot or is large.

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2. Stock your yard with winter plants and shrubs in Edmonton

Besides the all-famous conifers, there are other winter plants that can grace the visual outlook of your yard. These also pop a bit of color over the typical white and gray palette of winter landscapes. Some of the popular choices among winter plants include plume grass, winterberry holly, bayberry, birch trees, yew shrubs, and more.

You can also glorify your yard with Canadian hemlocks, Viking black chokeberry, or red twig dogwood. Evergreen holly is also one of the best options for its year-round foliage. Furthermore, you can polish your winter landscape with attractive trees such as Japanese flowering cherry and coral bark Japanese maple.

You have the option of lacebark elm too, which has an exfoliating bark that creates visually distinctive color patterns on its trunk. Don’t forget to include some shrubs as well. A case in point is Harry Lauder’s walking stick with its twisted stems that makes for a pretty display against the snowy blanket.

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3. Focus on your hardscape

Hardscaping is undeniably crucial for your landscape designs. Even though it doesn’t need as much attention as other aspects of a landscape, it completes the outdoor look. The hardscape jumps into the limelight as winters approach because plants don’t take up the central spot in winter landscapes.

The nursery manager at White Flower Farm in Litchfield, Connecticut, Barbara Pierson, elaborates in this context.

She points out, “Winter is the best time to consider hardscape.” She adds, “A trellis, a bench, an arbor, even a garden sculpture are really essential.” Some of the best year-round hardscapes include sculptural elements, arbors, retaining walls, fountains, and pathways.

Plus, fences provide a vertical visual focal point in the winter landscape scenery. You can use various materials. Some of these are brick, concrete, slate, terrazzo, and flagstone. The best part is that all hardscaping material is evergreen and lives on to add life to your landscape regardless of what the weather is.

It is a misconception that hardscape structure cannot be made in the fall or winter. In fact, this is a good time for building hardscape as the structure can settle and get ready for the spring. The shrubs and trees can take root during this time as well.

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Take home message

Winter lawn care can be challenging but not entirely impossible to practice. Before the cold weather takes over in its full swing, it is best to get started with pruning your lawn. Don’t let the debris collect as it affects your landscape’s health.

At the same time, stock on winter trees and shrubs. They add life and color to your landscape. There are tons of choices to choose from as discussed above. Additionally, pay attention to the hardscape. Hardscape elements can add dimension to your overall winter landscape.

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