3 Easy Ways to Conserve Water When You Have Water-Intensive Fixtures at Home

The environment can very well thrive without humans, but humans can never live without the environment. Because of this, there really is a serious need to be aware of and responsive to the call to save the environment.

Now, you don’t really have to be a radical environmentalist to help the environment. There are many ways to become environmentally friendly, and conserving water is one of them.

What if you have water-intensive features in your home? Does that mean that you are not contributing to the efforts to conserve water? Not necessarily. There are still several means of conserving water at home even if you use water-intensive home features or equipment. We discuss just three of these ways here.

Make sure that your hot tub filter is working well

Hot tubs need to be filled with fresh water so that they can serve their purpose. To keep this water clean, hot tubs are equipped with filters that help in removing dirt and debris. However, if the filter is not cleaned well, the dirt that it has collected might contaminate the water. This makes it mandatory to replace the water. You can avoid this scenario by making it a point to clean the filter regularly and frequently. Also, be sure to replace your filter at least once a year, especially if the hot tub is used frequently.

Also, don’t replace the water every time you use. You can treat the water with chlorine to prolong its usable life. Another thing that you should do is to keep it covered when not in use — make sure that your tub has a high-quality tub cover. This stops debris from falling into the water and also stops the evaporation process.

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Be mindful of how much water you’re using in the toilet

When it’s yellow, let it mellow. There are people who follow this rule, but we’re sure that this really is not for everyone. This is truly understandable because urine smells bad and it contains enough bacteria to cause some health issues, especially if you live with people with low immunity.

Instead of refraining from flushing urine, you can install dual flush toilets in your home. This way, 70% less water is used to flush out wastes that do not need much force. This significantly cuts the amount of water that your household consumes.

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Be more efficient in watering your lawn

Plants on your lawn make your outdoor area look brighter and more inviting. But just because plants need water to look nice and healthy doesn’t really mean that you go all out on the amount of water that you use. In order to be more efficient in watering your lawn, you must first determine how much water the plants there need. This is pretty much dependent on the types of plants that you have and the level of evaporation and transpiration that happens.

Once you are able to ascertain the amount of water needed, you can start implementing highly efficient watering systems. Drip irrigation is a good choice because it delivers water only to where it is needed, unlike sprinklers that bring water even in areas that don’t have vegetation.

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