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hot tub disconnect

What is a Hot Tub Disconnect and Do I Need One?

Hot tubs connect to your home’s electricity circuit in different ways. If you own or are looking to purchase a tub that operates on 220 volts, you may have come across the term ‘hot tub disconnect’ and you’re probably wondering two things. Firstly, what is it? And secondly, do I need one?  What is a […]

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How Much Baking Soda Do I Add to Raise Alkalinity in A Hot Tub?

It is vital to the lifespan of your hot tub to maintain the correct water pH. This helps keep all of the elements in working condition and allows the heat to circulate evenly. You can buy special hot tub chemicals to keep the pH in the region of 7.2 to 7.8. This is called the […]

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how to move a hot tub

How Much Does A Hot Tub Weigh?

So, you’ve bought your brand new house. Well done! However, you might find yourself wanting to transfer your home hot tub from your old place to your new. This will be no easy task. But one of the questions that will already be nagging you when contemplating how you’re going to do it is: how […]

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bath bombs

Can I Use Bath Bombs in a Hot Tub?

Each person’s dream bath set-up will be unique to their own tastes, but there’s something special about the specific type of relaxation you experience when using bath bombs. They add a luxurious, spa-like feel to your bath and can bring swirling colors to the fizzing water. Many are engineered to produce specific scents that promote […]

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Best 3 person hot tub

What Are The Best 3 Person Hot Tubs 2021?

They say three’s a crowd, but it’s the perfect number for a hot tub! Whether you want to relax with some friends or have some family time, a hot tub is a paradise for relaxing and enjoying some downtime. Some people have a tendency for thinking that the bigger a hot tub is, the better […]

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Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Seats?

Sharing a hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a day, or at the end of a long and tiring week. But slipping and sliding all over the place? Not so relaxing! So the idea is rest and relaxation, so you’re not going to want to stand around, […]

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Can You Put Epsom Salts In a Hot Tub?

There are many health benefits of Epsom salt and there are also great benefits to soaking in a hot tub. When you think about it, a hot tub is essentially a big bathtub and Epsom salt go in the bath so it’s natural to consider…can you put Epsom salt in a hot tub? As with […]

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Why Are My Hot Tub Jets Not Working?

Were you just about to take a relaxing soak in your tub, only to find that for some reason, your jets aren’t working properly, or at all? That’s not exactly the soothing experience you were looking for, and we can sympathize, especially when the root cause isn’t immediately apparent. First things first, don’t panic: there […]

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