10 Tips For A Hot Tub Cleaner on A Budget

10 Tips For A Cleaner Hot Tub on A Budget

We all love the fun parts of possessing a hot tub– relaxing, reading a good book, checking out our concepts about time travel among other things. However, along with all the great times comes a fair share essential upkeep. Remaining on top of hot tub care– like cleaning your spa, balancing the water chemistry, as well as making adjustments and fixes– means that your hot tub is always ready to go when you are.

Often, people can underestimate how much it can take to maintain a hot tub. It requires more than just passive cleaning like you may be used to if you’re spoiled with robot vacuum in your home.

Gladly, there are no rules that dictate you have to make hot tub maintenance any more difficult than it has to be. Take advantage of these innovative ideas, and you can tackle your hot tub tasks with ease.

Hot Tub Treatment Tips To Make Hot Tub Ownership Easier

Regardless of what sort of hot tub chore is on your list, you can bet there’s a way making it much faster, extra effective, more economical, or all three!

The following ten tips are creative, inexpensive ways to maintain your hot tub.

  1. Use Pantyhose for Cleaner Flows

Keeping well-balanced chemistry in a body of water as small as your hot tub implies you may have to change the water often. You can prevent recirculated dirt and debris from getting into your filter system by covering the lower return inlets with pantyhose when you switch out the water.

Keeping gunk out of your filter system lowers the wear and tear on your spa and aids keep it functioning longer. Cleaner water also means you’ll have a leg up on balancing water chemistry, too.

  1. Use Tennis Balls To Collect Gunk

If you want to keep body oils, hair, lotions, and various other goop from entering your spa filter? Drop a couple of tennis balls right into your hot tubs skimmers, and even straight into the water.

The tennis balls will absorb the icky stuff in their fibers as well as make it simpler to maintain your hot tub looking, as well as feeling, tidy and healthy. For best results, change them out frequently, especially if you utilize your tub regularly or have many people using the tub at once.

  1. Build a Siphon Vacuum cleaner

When you start taking the maintenance of your hot tub into the DIY realm, the results can be astonishing. You can vacuum grit, gunk, and also small debris from your tub with ease once you’ve created this easy siphon vacuum.

You’ll require a couple of essential items to begin:

3 ft. (.91 m) of 3/4 in. (1.9 centimeters) schedule 40 PVC pipe

6 ft. (1.8 m) of yard hose pipe, with a female adapter on one end

3/4 in. (1.9 centimeters) male threaded adapter, attached to one end of the PVC

Assemble your vacuum by screwing the female pipe end right into the MTA on the pipe.

To start your siphon flowing, prime the hose pipe by immersing it in water.

Cap the hose pipe’s free end, after that drop it to the ground. Water will start moving quickly. The water will continuously stream as long as the hose pipe’s open end is below the spas water level.

Move the pipeline around the bottom of the tub to vacuum.

  1. Keep Your Hot Tub Cover Fresh with Bleach

Among the most neglected locations of hot tub treatment is treating your hot tub cover right. Since they are to consistently warm and moist, hot tub covers can develop a musty odor if they’re not cleaned adequately.

You could keep the funk away by utilizing a simple bleach remedy to clean your hot tub cover. In a spray container, incorporate nine parts water to one part bleach, and use it to keep the underside of your hot tub clean.

  1. Make Time for Enzymes

You might recognize Enzymes from chemistry class; however, they typically aren’t just useful for refining food or making wine. These twisty little proteins get around to the strangest areas– including your hot tub.

Special enzyme items for your hot tub work the same way other enzymes do: they break down organic substances. In your hot tub, they break down fatty lipids from body oils, cosmetics, creams, and also various other resources that might be hiding in your water.

When treated with enzymes, your hot tub and filter system will be cleaner, and your sanitizer will function more efficiently. Enzymes likewise keep your tub free of the “scum line” that could occasionally appear at the water’s edge.

  1. Track Your Time to Stay Clear Of a Filling Disaster

See to it you set a timer when you’re loading or replenishing your hot tub. It can be easy to walk away from your hot tub during a water change and forget about it.

The result? Possible overflows, a colossal mess, as well as fried equipment. A little prep work certainly beats having to bail out water from your tub.

  1. Create a Healthy Circulation with a Hose Filter

Preserving your spas water chemistry can be difficult. You could make it a little easier by beginning with the cleanest water possible.

When you’re filling up your hot tub, connect a tube filter to the hose. If you do not have one, position the hose in your spa’s filter area so the incoming water will go through the filter.

  1. Tidy Your Filter Cartridges with a Spray Cleaner

The secret to truly clean hot tub filters is constant washing. Apart from a once a week rinse and a quarterly soak, you could keep your filters in tip-top shape by doing a  once-over with a spray cleaner once a month.

If you don’t have any spray cleaner, you can weaken your favorite hot tub filter cleaner by following the package directions and add it to your spray bottle. Be sure to give the filter a good drenching with the cleaner, as well as rinse thoroughly to prevent the feared foam in your hot tub.

  1. Utilize Backup Filters

Sometimes, hot tub care has to do with hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

With proper care, your hot tub filters could have a long, healthy and balanced life. However, nothing good lasts forever.

Always keep an extra filter cartridge available, just in case. If your filter flakes, you can switch in your spare and maintain the hot tub fun rolling without missing a beat.

  1. Locate Hidden Surface Issues with Dish Soap

Draining pipes and refilling your spa is hard work that you’re probably not thrilled to handle unless necessary. So, if you’re aiming to track down surface area issues in your spa such as texture concerns, fractures, etc., but don’t want to drain the whole works to do so, make a run to your kitchen sink.

A squirt or more of regular dish soap will help to break ripples on the water’s surface area, offering you a more clear view of exactly what’s taking place beneath.

This gives you the ability to locate and troubleshoot potential problems.

Now It’s Your Turn!

With these ten innovative and inexpensive tips, you can extend the life of your hot tub without any significant extra work or financial investments.

Give these ten tips a try to see how they help improve the quality of your hot tub.

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